Jumat, 09 Juni 2017

The story of an apple tree

       Vidio story above just like a child to his parents, parents are always there when his son is hard and parents always give what his child asked. Parental affection no one can replace. So love both parents while they are still there because life only once and in this world we do not know the end of life in the world

Motivated vidio


From the above vidio can be concluded that we can not degrade or mock other people because it could be the person we humble it is a person much better than us.

raditya dika

Is one of the Indonesian artist that I love him is a figure of a cute character, because in every story / novel he always tells him is the figure of a man who always fails in romance. Raditya dika whose real name is dika angkasaputra moerwani this is a writer, comedian, director and actor. Many of his works I have read such as goats, love brontosaurus, radius makankakus, half salmon man, koala kumal and many more books he made.
In the year 2017 this raditya again directed a comedy indonesia movie titled THE GUYS in this movie raditya dika also starred along with pevita pearce. In the movie THE GUYS raditya dika role as ALFI (employees who aspire to be the boss) and raditya dika also want to get his love amira (pevita pearce) colleagues and amira is his boss's son.

Raditya dika movie titled THE GUYS is not yet I see but I'm sure this film is very good as the story (novel) or comedy in the publish.

a girl's struggle

In a village there is a woman who is very black and ugly, and women have a very fat body (big). She was always insulted because she had a very large body. Because of embarrassment often in contempt by the man who was in his village he tried to make his body can be skinny and good.
And he tried to lift the water in two buckets in his hands, he lifted the bucket of water up and down the mountain, while the people in his village still laughed at him and considered his efforts would not work.
This woman was not concerned with their mockery he was still trying to make his body can be thin and slim. And for a month he effort eventually his efforts were not in vain he managed to slim body and he looks beautiful and the man who had been mocking him finally amazed at the beauty of this woman.
The above story teaches us that never see someone from the bad side let alone insult him because we do not know could be him much better than us ..
Thank you

the land of my bith

Hy all my names yori Afrianti I was born on the 21st of april and i descended aceh simeulue, my dad came from aceh labuy and my mother came from simeulue, but i was born and raised in simeulue. I want to tell you about the land of my birth,

Anyone say to me in simeulue it is what religion ?? And I answered disimeulue that 99% of the people are Muslim .. yes simeulue it is an area that can be spelled out all the residents are Islamic. Indeed in the past the majority of its citizens are non-Muslim and in Islam by tengku hallillulah.

Simeulue region has three tribes, namely tribe  (Devayan) in the western districts of eastern, eastern simeulue, central simeulue, southern teupah, and inner bay (sigulai) inhabiting western simelue, alafan and saluk (leukon) districts that inhabit langi and lakfaha. 

In simeulue has its own custom and different from the customs of aceh adat, one of them art nandong an art accompanied by drums and violin, usually this custom is displayed for the wedding or special and special events. Then there is also the art of debus. 

Simeulue has an interesting tourism like surfing tour which is in matanurung. And the beach that is often visited by many people is located in the jungle, ganting, high sand, alafan, along, lhok and many more. And it has a lake like fresh water that is in the inner bay and lake laulo.
And in my area have the characteristics with edged cipit and yellow complexion .. So that's about the story of my area, if you are curious you can play and visit the beauty of the island that is in the mid seas of the Indian Ocean. And do not be afraid of what people are talking about if the simeulue people are rude and unkind, because that's not true even the people there are friendly, get people and quickly adapt to newcomers.

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Rabu, 17 Mei 2017



Smartphones are a means of remote or remote communication for humans, smartphones are very important for humans because they are used to connect between family, friends and relatives.
Apart from being a smartphone communication tool can also be used for other needs such as storing important data, directions and more. In smartphone also has many applications such as instagram, facebook, line, WA, gmail, google, youtube and many other applications that we can download via playstore app.
Behind the many things that can be needed in a smartphone, it turns out smartphone also bad for humans for example if we use semartphoe while walking it can make us involved accidents because we are too focused with the smartphone in hand until we forget by looking at the road.
And besides that if smartphones are used by small children they could just use a smartphone with no good and could be bad for them.